Magazine Gap – It’s All Good ?

Published on July 1st, 2013

Magazine Gap

It’s groovy, it’s smooth, it’s awesome in so many ways. That’s the first thing you can expect once you press the play button.

It’s All Good EP by Magazine Gap is an album that has all the ingredients a record needs to be beyond incredible. “Couldn’t Make It Up (If You Tried)” has this Jamiroaqui meets Santana vibe, with this light and fun sound that makes it impossible to just stand around and not dance along with the song. Perfectly tuned vocals combined with the jazzy music in the background create something irresistible.

This doesn’t stop in the next track, the title song “It’s All Good.” Here, piano and drums mix with this sweet and groovy sound where trumpets make an appearance to add a special vibe with some simple rhythm guitar riffs.

“Lights & Shades” keep the same vibe, although now the jazz influences are more strongly present. Once again, the piano is one of the main stars with bass lines that you can really feel. “Señorita, I See You” looks for something more like Lenny Kravitz (think “Believe In Me”), where once again drum beats and guitar riffs are all plain and simple. However, with some synth effects and perfect vocals, even if you are not a fan of this style of music, it will be impossible not to love it.

“Something To Be Said,” “Slipstream” and “Swansong” pretty much leave the jazz behind for a more Neil Young/country sort of thing. “The Promised Land” has some of Third Eye Blind, or Sheryl Crow with a more rock feel, although without leaving that sound that seems to be the signature. “Our Last Stand” is probably my favorite track and the one that stole my heart. Once again they return with this Jamiroaqui meets Matchbox Twenty style.

“What’s Next?” is the final track of the record. This time, they put an end to the record with an early Michael Jackson’s danceable vibe. With a higher pitch in vocals, it would be almost identical in sound. The piano disappears for what sounds like an organ. Trumpets, as always, drums doing what they know best, and more prominent bass lines and guitars come into play here.

In conclusion, this is one of those records and one of those bands that even though their sound repeats pretty much all over and over again throughout the album, it’s absolutely the opposite of boring. It’s catchy, it’s old but new, it’s something we don’t see in the music industry these days.

Album: It’s All Good EP
Band: Magazine Gap

Rating: 4.7/5

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