Jackslacks – Farm Jazz

Published on July 16th, 2013


To begin with I really liked their bio: American roots-rocker Jackslacks is back with his sixth release ‘Farm Jazz’ out on the indie label Shield of Love. Collaborating this time around with San Diego State University jazz prodigies, Eric Hutchinson, Dave Votel and Alejandro Aste-Nieto, the new tracks were produced by Mike Kamoo and Jacklslacks at Earthling Studios in El Cajon, CA. “Generations Hypnotized” is a cheeky harangue to a culture held in thrall of their smartphones. These 4 delivers a stunning live show and a truly passionate musical approach to the human experience. Jackslacks to me write songs about the people, places and things and the status of our culture, with a healthy combination of humor, skepticism, and honesty. I get the impression these 4 question what they already know, and ask listeners to join themin viewing life from a different angle. Melding a unique yet accessible blend of 50’s style rockabilly guitars, hooky beats and melodies, tasty harmonies, groove-ridden bass lines and an infectious vocal front – makes it all the more deadly. Indeed the retro Jackslacks sound is a testament to how they insist on shifting the face of alt-pop-rock. Enter the mind musing, comical trip of the latest EP entitled Farm Jazz the latest 2 song release. This life’s opus skirts the lines of life from the causal observers point of view. As a result Farm Jazz is a very human blend of their comical spin on life through his music and possesses a very accessible signature tone. Indeed intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies are the heart of the Jackslacks formula. They also bring painfully simple thoughts and interesting subject matter, heartfelt rhythms and melodies. Also present is an easy going element of Americana via this very relaxing 2 track line-up that’s sure to provoke a positive reaction from every listener that gives them just a minute of their time. Farm Jazz is an exciting EP full of music that can be listened to virtually in any situation. The songs on the album are a mixture of songs that encourage you to tap your foot, but also offer a mixture of sounds and musical landscape that will keep you guessing or wondering what’s around the next corner – in a comical way. From jumpy “Generations Hypnotized” to more straight forward “Don’t Mind Me” virtually any music fan can find something they would enjoy in this short but sweet mixture of songs. Farm Jazz offers a unique opportunity to sit back and see where the journey takes you via interesting and entertaining sound that will remind you of Paul Simon, Beck, Gavin DeGrew and even the Stray Cats to Matt Nathanson. Jackslacks are a band worth checking out (live or studio setting). Their soulful rock steady sound and unique perspective on life can be appreciated by all fans of music – young and old. Bring on the full length CD already!

Jackslacks – Farm Jazz
URL: http://www.reverbnation.com/jackslacks

Purchase Link – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jackslacks/id291028570

Rating 9/10

by Kim Muncie edited by Markus Druery
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